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Ways of Selecting and Employing a Babysitter

Those mothers having plans of spending time away from their newly born babies would in the first place need to employ a trustworthy babysitter for tending to one’s child in must the same way that one might – which might appear unattainable.

Ways of Selecting and Employing a Babysitter
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But, by identifying what kind of qualities one would desire from a babysitter would aid in finding the most adept person to care for the child. Womenhealth.gov has suggested all mothers to take the below stated steps to assist the new babysitter to get familiarized to the entire kin and the house.

Handy Pointers for acclimatizing a new babysitter to Infant Safety and one’s home

Safety Measures:

  • Enquiring from the babysitter if she has knowledge of infant CPR and first aid procedures.
  • Reminding the babysitter that the child must not placed on any kind of beds intended for adults.
  • Reminding the babysitter about placing the child on its back during sleep.
  • Ensuring that the babysitter is well-versed with symptoms of ailments affecting children inclusive of alterations in the color of the skin, sweating, nauseous feelings or vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Informing the babysitter of the location of the fire extinguishers and explaining their method of usage.
  • Pointing out the place where the first-aid kit is kept.
  • Reminding the babysitter to keep any kind of plastic-based articles or balloons out of reach from the child.
  • Telling the babysitter that infants must always be accompanied by adults when they are in the bathtub. The sitter must make it a point to always get the children along with her when the need arises to vacate the room like when a phone call or a door bell needs to be answered.
  • Reminding the babysitter of always shutting the doors to the washroom when not needed and always placing the top and the toilet seat down when not required.

Familiarizing the babysitter to one’s home:

  • Always ensuring to provide the babysitter a guided tour of the house.
  • Ascertaining all the windows are shut and that the sitter understands that they must be kept closed.
  • Showing the sitter the means to operating the infant safety gates and the places where they lead to.
  • Showing the sitter the place where the flashlights are placed.
  • Ensuring putting away any form of sharp objects like scissors, knives and any other kind of objects that could prove detrimental when accidentally handled by the child.
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