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Western Wedding Decoration

Are you and your daughter planning a spring or summer wedding? If she has chosen a country setting with a western theme she must have a personality that lends itself to doing things in a fun and different way.

Western Wedding Decoration
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Here are some ideas that might inspire you to plan something unique and memorable as you plan her wedding together.

The Clothes – Consider combining traditional white with western touches.

The Bride – White boots! Can you imagine what a darling impression your daughter would make when wearing gorgeous cowboy boots that match her white dress?

  • Whether your daughter selects a strapless gown or one with sleeves, perhaps she would consider one that has a slightly shorter hem in the front that would show off the boots she has chosen.
  • Another idea is for her to select a long dress that has a regular hem, but securing the hem a bit higher on one side with a tiny nosegay of delicate flowers that match her bouquet.
  • Of course, a white western hat would be unique and appropriate to wear with her wedding ensemble. However, if she wants something less dramatic, consider a crown of flowers instead of a veil. Sunflowers or field flowers mixed in with white roses and baby’s breath and tied with a denim or leather ribbon would add to the western look.

Clothes For The Others In The Wedding Party – While the focus will surely be on the bride, selecting the clothes that others in the wedding party wear will be important, too.

  • Consider combining leather, denim and lace for both the gals and the guys in the wedding.
  • The bridesmaids, flower girls and both mothers might wear a solid color lace dress with wide leather belts and brown leather boots. Copying the bride’s bouquet minus the white roses would also be an idea.
  • The groom and other male attendants would look very handsome and western in traditional tuxedos worn with red or blue denim vests and cumberbunds and a bolo tie. Boots, instead of black dress shoes, and cowboy hats would be the perfect final touches. If the wedding is inside a church, the hats should be saved for after the wedding ceremony.

The Menu – Don’t you think that choosing a country wedding with a western theme calls for a casual meal?

  • Think about the centerpieces that will set the mood for the meal. Mason jars full of sunflowers, daisies and field flowers would be an excellent choice. Tie them with leather or denim straps or with red or blue gingham to add a country touch. Adding small framed pictures of the bride and groom next to the mason jars will bring a personal charm to the centerpiece.
  • A bbq meal will be perfect for the wedding feast. Sausage, chicken and beef served with sides of beans, cole slaw, potato salad and rolls would be a traditional and great choice. Along with the wedding cake, consider having a peach or cherry cobbler instead of a groom’s cake.
  • Having the meal catered is another good idea. Catering is a lot more affordable than you might expect and it will save you a lot of work and worry. A catering company, such as Great Caterers Of Iowa, will set everything up at the exact time you desire and, when the meal is over, they’ll complete all the clean up. Another plus is that the caterers will serve the food from heating trays that will maintain the temperature of the food that is being served. Be sure to secure the time and date early so you won’t have a time conflict later.

As your guests leave the wedding event, think about sending them off with a little party favor. A box filled with candy and tied with denim or gingham would fit right in with your theme.