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Winter Hair 2019

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Winter is the season, which is usually harmful for our bodies and for our vision. In the summer all of us prefer to get some healthy foods, fruits and vegetables, but when the winter comes and the temperatures decrease, we start to get unhealthy foods and to have slower life. Definitely, the unhealthy foods and the miss of vitamins are harmful for our hair, but also the cold temperatures additionally tucker it. First from the lack of vitamins and unbalanced feeding suffer the hair. The nourishing masks and balms help for feeding the hair, but also it needs from right foods. The brittle and fragile hair ends are mostly due to the lack of Selenium, which is important element stimulating the metabolism. Selenium can be found in almost all foods, but the greatest amount can be found in the edible mushrooms, walnuts and garlic. Making a diet based on such foods will feed your body and your hair too. Very good choice are the Mediterranean diets and foods, as the sea foods are also rich of Selenium and light for the body.

Winter Hairstyle

But the Selenium is not everything, which your hair needs. According to the dermatologists the Zinc deficiency can provoke fungus, dandruff, skin irritation and hair loss. Zinc is found in many cosmetics, medicine shampoos, but its effect is strongest when it is taken from certain foods and beverages. Rich of Zinc foods are peas, lentils, pumpkin seeds, green beans and green tea. This element stimulates perfectly the growth of the hair and nails, making them stronger and nurtured.

The excessive hair loss is often due to a lack of iodine in the body. It can be procured with the intake of seaweed and fish, which again remind us about the Mediterranean diets and foods. To restore your hair, turn fish into your daily menu, or just get it from medicines rich of iodine.

Winter Wonderland

The lack of silicon leads not only to diseases of the joints in the elderly, but also to the active hair loss. Sicily can be found in celery, radishes, turnips, raisins and watermelon. The outer shell of the fruit and vegetables are also rich in silicon.

Finally of course the lack of iron also adversely affect the hair. The valuable element can be found in green apples, but unfortunately it is difficult to absorb it. If you do not eat three pounds of apples a day or do not like meat, whole grains and beans, can take vitamins with iron, which will help you to protect your hair in the winter and will make it stronger.

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