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Women Health Problems Caused by Beauty and Fashion

Women Health Problems Caused by Beauty and Fashion Trend is about beauty and fashion trend that cause women health problems. Trend, both the fashion and beauty, can indeed provide an alternative for women to look beautiful.

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But, be aware that the fashion trend or beauty trend may not be suitable for you. Not only because it makes your look become weird, but also can affect health. Here some women health problems caused by beauty and fashion trend.

Women health problems, here the fashion trend

1. Wig
The first women health problems is caused by wig . Wig is now not only for the stage or staging, but it can be used to cover up your shortcomings. For example, when bad hair day that makes your hair unruly. Because the installation of wig is tight, prolonged use can cause itching due to sweat that out of the scalp. Then you should use wig as needed. In addition, you should always maintain a healthy scalp with shampooing regularly to avoid that women health problems.


2. Bustier fashion trend
The next women health problems is caused by bustier fashion trend. Bustier fashion trend is a complementary fashion which could form the body. Because they want more body-shaped, not a few women who are tied a bustier fashion trend too tight. Therefore, the skin will feel the pressure, so that it can cause irritation characterized by redness and itching and leaves a mark. Therefore you should choose the right a bustier materials, like cotton to avoid that women health problems. The use of a bustier also should not be too tight and not too long.

Bustier fashion trend

The last fashion trend that cause the women health problems

3. Legging
The last women health problems is caused by legging. Legging that made of spandex, shirts or jeans, well-liked because it could give the impression slim and be able to show the body curves. Because the body is too pressed, skin problems which can occur due to the use of legging is contact dermatitis, characterized by dry skin and redness, and accompanied by intense of itching. To avoid that women health problems, you should always maintain the cleanliness of the genital area. And selection of leggings materials must also be appropriate.

The last women health problems is caused by legging

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