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Bright Red Hair

Bright Red Hair
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Last month many celebrities and fashion stars painted their hairs in bright colors, or created hairstyles in clumps. Such hairstyles, using pink, turquoise and bright colors are very popular in young ladies, but also prefered into the fashion and celebrities branches. The stars want to be notices and to be discussed and such hairstyles will never be missed.

Here are some tips “How to dye your hair in bright colors without looking silly”.

Bright Red Hair

Stick to one shade

Instead of coloring your hair in the colors of the rainbow, try to add just one more color. Several strips of turquoise, purple or lavender baby pink look pretty cool and really will make your hair fresher. You can dye the edges, or multiple strands along the entire length of the hair.


   Try Тemporary

If you are not sure for the result, before you dye the hair just make a test. For a few hours you can put Snap-in Extensions with the desired color. This will show you the result of color change in advance and will show you how will look later. Another option is to use colored hair spray.

Do not ignore the black and white

The black and white color scheme is always pretty good option for your vision, so never ignore it. Take the example of Daphne Guinness and add a black clumps to the platinum blond hair. Or if you’re a brunette, break your vision with blond clumps. Just a simple change will be good for your vision and will make you look better and most impressive. Of course better do not overdo with clumps or you will get the opposite effect.

Bright Red Hair 2019

Keep the color

To prevent color from fading, wash you hair with a sulfate free shampoo and cold water for a few days. The hot water causes the color to fade faster, which is absolutely negative effect in your hairstyle. Definitely you should be careful in making the Bright Clumps Hairstyle, as usually there are many options and features, which should be following during creation.