Our job and personal development

In such a situation there is no time for personal development and we simply exist, but not live. In fact, no matter what job we have, we can always find time for personal development.

Each person has several ways for self-realization…

The first is to move up the career ladder at work, to do everything to receive a promotion. There is also the second way – self-development at home, i.e. coming home and living only for yourself and for your family. There is the third – you enjoy your job, you like the place where you work, you like people you work with, in most cases it happens when you work for yourself, and even better, when people work for you.As for me, I’ve chosen the third way combined with the second: I like working for myself and I love my family.

But, no matter what job you have, self-development always takes time, needs more or less quiet work, and needs you thinking: “A new day has come! I will learn many new things at work; I want to work; if I do not know anything, I will learn it; my bosses are interested in my development, and I am interested in the company prosperity.”

If it not so, and you have oppressive thoughts every day – look for another job…

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