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Stay at home Stay stylish

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Well, What can we talk?
fashion, make up, styles, sports…

I know everywhere full of CORONA or COVİD-19 and I am sick of that.
So let’s talk about things as different as possible.

today we can see some beautiful example of stay at home style. Like all of us, of course bloggers and influencers stay at home aswell. And represent lots of great, cozy and comfortable styles.

To be honest I love this one very much. As you can see minimum dress is maximum comfort. and very chic..

But I have to admit, it seems comfortable enough to deny my previous sentence. pleaseee look at this. Is’nt it great? So full dressed and full cozy.

Next one is sport and pretty. Actually when all this virüs over, with this marine style outfit, you can go to yacth travel. Until then in your home, you can be very stylish.

I am just going to say, Bottega, Bottega and Bottega. Also White, pure White.
I love one colour dressing. Like grey, beige, black. But White oh my White, how elegant you are…

I know you all at home but after rain you can go to your terrace or balcony. This style inspiration is for your balcony.

Don’t forget, no matter what you wear, you are beautiful.

Stay healty everyone.

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