Tricks for Usage of Dark Lipstick

With the cold weather also most of the women prefer to choose darker colors of lipsticks. This season one of the best and most interesting trends in makeup is the wine red shade, which blends into chocolate and cherry red. Definitely this is great choice for your vision and have really great advantages, which will make your vision exciting and remarkable against all other standard makeup styles. If you think that the darker shades of lipstick are too gloomily, then you should be aware that there are a few tricks which will make you quite beautiful and quite interesting for the people around you. Do not be afraid to experiment and to try new things in your makeup style, as this season the darker colors are more fashion and applying them with style will built your vision much more beautiful. In any case the dark lipstick should not look gothic and you will got the best effect only if you know exactly what shade to choose and how to combine it properly.

Dark Lipstick Trend

 Selecting the correct darker shade may seem difficult, but if you combine it with the color of your skin, it will be much easier. At swarthy ladies the dark lips look a little more natural, while lighter skin creates a dramatic look. If you have lighter skin then better to select the red wine and burgundy lipstick color. The women with medium dark skin can turn to dark scarlet and cranberry red shares. A dark-skinned best colors stand type mulberry and blackberry lipsticks. When you are choosing a lipstick, first try it on the inside part of your finger instead of the back of your hand, as this is the closest color to that of your lips.

The dark lips should be combined with the natural glowing skin, light eye makeup and a little rouge on the cheeks. It is best to put makeup only if you need to remove and hide some defect of your face and to get the whole sight of the lips.

 Dark Lipstick Makeup

The worst thing, which may happen to your lips is to smear. That is really bad and terrible effect, which can brake your whole vision. To protect your dark lips from smearing, it is important to first put a foundation. It will not only keep lipstick in place, but will also moisturize your lips, making them juicy and fresh. After putting a foundation apply a lip pencil. If you do not have a pencil is the right shade try a body color. Finally put a lipstick and finish with a little balm with a light tap. Definitely this will make you look impressive and beautiful.

Dark Lips Women

The dark shades for a lipstick is a fashion trend used from many of the world celebrities and Hollywood stars. That is one of the trends, which many women selected to build their style, makeup and vision. The dark shades for makeup are really stylish and proper usage of them can make you remarkable and beautiful. Try to avoid the gothic vision, so follow our tips and will have really great makeup style.

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