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Unique Baby Boy Clothes Ideas

Is there anything more fun than shopping for clothes for your baby?  It is easy to spend a small fortune dressing your little one with all of the adorable options out there.

Unique Baby Boy Clothes Ideas
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Shopping for your baby can be a bit overwhelming (not to mention expensive) if you do not have some unique baby boy clothes ideas in mind.

Baby sizes come in premie, newborn, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and 12 month.  Many babies will not ever need the newborn size, and will go straight to 3 months instead.  When you are purchasing baby clothes, you should keep in mind that babies grow rapidly, especially in the early months, and you should resist the temptation to buy tons of clothes for them to wear right away, but should instead buy items in a variety of sizes so that you will have them on hand as you need them.  No sense on wasting lots of money on something that will be worn twice!

There are some important essentials that every baby needs, but of course you will want to supplement these with some cute and special outfits!  If you are looking for unique baby boy clothes ideas, the list below may offer you some direction.


There are some essentials that every baby needs.  If you stock your nursery with these essentials and practical pieces, you should have everything that your baby needs!

  • Wrap onesies: Onesies are one of the most important pieces in a baby’s wardrobe, and the wrap versions keep you from having to pull things over your baby’s head.  Onesies can be worn alone, or used as a shirt with a pair of pants.  You will need several of these are they tend to become soiled frequently.
  • Snap up pajamas:  Another staple that serves multiple functions.  These comfy one piece pjs can be worn both day and night. Since new babies sleep so much of the time, they will need several of these one piece outfits. The snap up versions are much easier than the zipper versions as it makes it much simpler to check on the status of a diaper.
  • Leggings or pull on pants:  A few pairs to go over the onesies are perfect and allow for comfort and easy access.
  • Warm layers:  Sweaters, hoodies or fleece pieces are perfect for putting on easily when it is chilly inside or out.
  • Mittens and socks:  Newborn babies do not need traditional shoes, although parents often buy them to complete an outfit!  Instead, make sure their toes are warm with plenty of socks.  Also, some babies tend to scratch themselves with their sharp little fingernails, and so keeping mitts on their hands when they sleep may be necessary.

Special Occasions

Of course, you will probably want to have some items for special occasions, and outings out.   Most new parents find that when their babies are born, they receive several of these types of outfits from well-wishers.  For the first few months of a baby’s life, they will spend a great deal of their time asleep.  Exchange a few of those newborn sizes outfits that you will undoubtedly receive for larger sizes so that way you have cute outfits to last you through your little ones’ first year.


If you need unique baby boy clothes ideas and are on a budget, you have a lot of options available!  You can still dress you pride and joy to the nines without breaking the bank.  Try these options:

  • Ebay, Craig’s List, Sweetsprouts, or other similar sites.  You can sell your child’s outgrown clothes and purchase gently used or new clothes for a discounted price.
  • Mom-to-Mom sales:  Many communities have organized clothing sales and exchanges for children.
  • Consignment shops:  These shops only take clothes that are in excellent condition, so you can find like-new items for your child much more cheaply than you could purchase them new.
  • If you are handy with a sewing machine, there are some great patterns available for baby clothes.